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Top Ten Discoveries Related to Jesus

The Galilee Boat, Synagogues, Pool of Siloam, the Pilate Stone and the Heel Bone of the Crucified Man are among the ten most important archeological discoveries. Find out what is #1. The Urantia Book references both the Galileen boats and Siloam: “Jesus became well known to the Galilean fisherfolk as the designer of the new […]

Jesus in The Urantia Book…

A Story of Thanksgiving – the Ten Lepers

“But when the Samaritan saw that he was being healed, he turned back and, going in quest of Jesus, began to glorify God with a loud voice. And when he had found the Master, he fell on his knees at his feet and gave thanks for his cleansing.” Read More...

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Sacred Living

“All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led.”

Jesus, The Urantia Book(155:6.11)

Urantia Book Teachings: The Soul Explained

“The concept of the soul has a murky understanding in our religious thought. It has been difficult to define. Here’s another attempt, found in this article from the popular religious press…” Read how the teachings of The Urantia Book have upstepped our understanding of the soul here.

Urantia (pronounced: you ran chah) is the universe name for Earth and it is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon, the chief of ten million inhabited worlds, the mortal home of Christ Michael, sovereign of all Nebadon. Read More.

The Urantia Book

Learn about the Urantia Book

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